In this page you will be informed about the progress of the project. Use Expand to show or Collapse to hide a task progress.

Overall Progress : 90%
Expand/Collapse Construction
Task Priority* Progress
Mechanical O 100%
Leg electronics (prototype) r0.1 O 100%
Leg electronics (prototype) r0.2 O 100%
Leg electronics r0.3 O 100%
RS485-RS232/USB Communication r0.1 O 100%
RS485-RS232/USB Communication r0.2 O 100%
Power Unit O 100%
Camera Mounting R 25%
GPS Mounting R 70%
Compass Mounting R 25%
WiFi Antenna Mounting R 0%
Ultrasonic Sensor Mounting P 100%
Expand/Collapse Schematics
Task Priority* Progress
Mechanical Details R 80%
Mechanical 3D r0.1 R 100%
Mechanical 3D r0.2 R 100%
Mechanical 3D r0.3 R 80%
Leg electronics r0.4 P 0%
RS485-RS232/USB Communication r0.3 P 0%
Electrical r0.1 R 100%
Electrical r0.2 R 100%
Electrical r0.3 R 100%
Expand/Collapse Documentation
Task Priority* Progress
System Architecture rev1 R 100%
System Architecture rev2 R 100%
Software Architecture rev1 (Tasks) P 100%
Software Architecture rev2 (Tasks) P 100%
Software Flowchart rev1 R 100%
SAVAGE Operation-Maintenance Manual R 50%
SAVAGEcom Manual R 50%
SAFAR Manual R 0%
Kinematic Model R 100%
Message Document r0.1 P 100%
Message Document r0.2 P 100%
Message Document r0.3 P 100%
Message Document History P 100%
Part List R 50%
Expand/Collapse Programming (LegBoard)
Task Priority* Progress
Initialization P 100%
Communication (RS485, RS232) P 100%
Message Evaluation (r0.4.x) P 100%
Message Evaluation (r0.5.x) P 90%
Message Evaluation (r0.6.x) P 90%
Parking mode P 100%
Software Reset P 100%
Monitoring (LCD Messages) R 100%
Control (Angle, Speed) (Rebuild) P 100%
Sensors (Encoder, Ultrasonic, Potentiometer) P 100%
SAFETY (Power Control) P 95%
Watchdog (Rebuild) R 95%
Blackboard P 100%
Data Log R 90%
Port Selection P 100%
Boot Loader R 0%
Angle auto calibration (Rebuild) P 100%
Expand/Collapse Programming (SAVAGEcom)
Task Priority* Progress
Initialization P 100%
Communication (Rebuild) P 10%
Message Evaluation - LegBoard (All Versions) P 94%
Message Evaluation - GPS R 0%
Message Evaluation - Compass R 50%
Blackboard P 90%
Watchdog R 50%
Load/Save System Settings R 100%
Load/Save System Parameters (INI,XML files) R 80%
Event Log R 90%
Data Log R 80%
Manual Operation P 50%
Visualization P 50%
Remote Control R 60%
WebCamera R 50%
Dynamic Link Library (DLL) P 10%

*Priority : O=High, P=Medium, R=Low